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We are fully committed to offering Dance Classes within all educational settings. Being inclusive and providing equal opportunities to all students, is something we absolutely strive to do!

Dance provides an outlet for the mind and body to improve in so many areas, including:​​

  • Muscle Strength and Flexibility

  • Memory, through Observation and Repetition

  • Concentration and Control

  • Rhythm and Timing

  • Expression and Individuality

                                              ...and the list goes on!

Including Dance as part of your curriculum, is a great way to incorporate physical activity and creativity at the same time, in a fun and engaging way.

Whilst providing extra time for Teachers to work on other things elsewhere!

Encouraging your students to regularly take part in physical activity is always a great idea.

Setting up a weekly dance club, is great way to get more students moving and having fun with their friends!

As well as the obvious physical benefits, it also gives the students a chance to be free and creative at the same time, boosting concentration and improving confidence. 

From a Breakfast Boogie Club to Lunchtime Limbering, we can come to you before, during or after school.

We can also provide a Holiday Dance Club out of term time too!

Club activities are designed with all ages and abilities in mind, and can be custom created to suit your group.

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From Residential Homes to Special Needs Centres, we'd like to provide an opportunity for everybody to take part in our Dance Classes.

Dance can be a gentle and easy way to exercise, engaging both the mind and body. It's a great all-rounder that can help to improve and maintain physical and cognitive skills, as well as being an excellent mood booster!

Aimed at all ages and abilities,

we can work with you to custom create each session to your group's needs and can provide a variety of props and music, to make the experience as interactive as possible.

From Seated Dance to Imaginative Movement,

We can lead a session that will get all your staff and participants moving!

These fun-filled, creative workshops include Dance, Games, Crafts and other suitable activities to keep your children active and busy during their time off!

From Disney to Disco, we'll select a theme that suits your g

We'll start with fun and games to get everyone up and moving, before moving onto short sequences and combinations designed for your group's ability.

We love to encourage expression and creativity, so we'll top it off with free movement and choreography, that we can use to put together a final routine!

Optional Pupil Packs and Certificates are also available.

Throughout the year, we put on Bloom Holiday Clubs within our local community. 

These fun-filled, creative workshops are suitably themed, and include Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Crafts and other suitable activities to keep your children busy during their time off!

Take a look at the 'Book Online' page to see what we currently have available.

We also can provide Holiday Clubs and Classes for Schools and other organisations too!

Dance would be a great addition to your Summer Activities Programme, or as a separate Holiday Club of its own!



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Our newest venture...

Bloom Birthday Parties!

Looking to create an extra special birthday?

Bloom Birthday Parties are a perfect way to celebrate your dancing diva's milestone!

No dance experience required!

You can choose between 2 party packages, we can either come to your party and provide lots of dance activities and games! Or we can arrange the whole party for you!

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